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Nick Haus

Cat Sculpture Royal Vienna Augarten of Austria White Porcelain Professor Robert Ullman 1934 1930s

Cat Sculpture Royal Vienna Augarten of Austria White Porcelain Professor Robert Ullman 1934 1930s

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On offer exquisitely sculpted white porcelain cat sculpture by Royal Vienna manufacturer Augarten of Austria. This cat was sculpted by Professor Robert Ullman in 1934. Model # 1674 is impressed to the bottom, with a blue underglaze factory mark of a beehive, crown, Wien. There is also a #31, probably referring to the artisan who worked on this particular cat. This is an early production, but this cat is still being made today -- and run 444 Euros, at current exchange about $500.

"In 1923, the porcelain manufactory was reopened in Augarten Castle, where it still stands today. Established under the new name “Vienna Porcelain Manufactory Augarten,” its ethos was to continue the tradition of the former Imperial manufactory while also making room for fresh ideas. Receptive to modern trends, the Manufactory produced designs by contemporary artists including Josef Hoffmann, Michael Powolny, Franz von Zülow, and other representatives of the Wiener Werkstätte. Today, cooperation with well-known artists continues to shape the company’s style and feed its unique flair for combining the traditional with the modern."

Robert Ullmann ( 1903 – 1966 )
"The Austrian Sculptor and Medalist Robert Ullmann created perfectly shaped porcelain figurines. Ullmann’s greatest ambition was to find a way to “express human proximity, our deepest feelings through a harmonious alliance of shape and form." While working with Augarten, he created a wide range of figurines ranging from animal representations to human figures. His complex figurines aptly showcase his mastery of porcelain and his fundamental comprehension of the medium’s limits and properties. More importantly, his imaginative detailed designs illustrate his creative genius."

SIZE: 5.75" T

CONDITION: Excellent. Pictures show all.

If you have any questions or are interested in the piece, please do not hesitate to contact me. New items are often posted to Instagram first, @NickHausShop


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